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Dreamfactory 2.0 was just released.  It is a powerful and user-friendly REST API backend implementation.  At the time of this article is written, Redhat OpenShift has not yet had a pre-built cartiridge for it.  The latest version it has is DreamFactory 1.9.4.  So, I spend some time and created an automation script on to install Dreamfactory 2.0 on OpenShift.


This is my first GitHub project and my first OpenShift DIY package.  Dreamfactory 2.0 is an open-source REST API implementation.  OpenShift has the Dreamfactory 1.9 cartridge pre-built, but 2.0 has many new features I need.  In particular, the OAuth services new in 2.0 will be very useful for the web app I am planning to build.  So, I decided to install Dreamfactory2.0 (beta) to OpenShift myself.  I spent almost two weeks on-and-off attempting to install it, and came across many issues, which included an outdated PHP, missing PHP-extensions, composer missing, git error, access error, and many more unexpected errors.    After sorted out every issue and successfully installed it, I decided to put everything together into a GitHub project so that my effort won't be in vein.  It also serves to document the method in case I totally forgot how did I do it.


The cartridge pulls and builds PHP 5.5.18 on the repo.  Then, it installs PHP-Mcrypt, other PHP extensions and Composer.  Follows that, it pulls Dreamfactory 2.0 from Github, configures the database (MySQL), and Apache.  The user will then need to SSH to OpenShift to complete the Dreamfactory configuration steps.  The script also installs MongoDB extension for PHP so that DF2.0 can access any MongoDB service.


Please follow the README.MD file.




Late remarks

Dreamfactory has its official OpenShift cartridge rolled out.  I've tested it and confirm it is functional (after some bug reporting and fixing).  However, it does not have the MongoDB extension.  A user will have to figure out how to add it to your OpenShift App if one want to use MongoDB.

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